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Join me to celebrate the dynamic poetry of nature

It’s official—I’m thrilled to announce my upcoming exhibition, “The Dynamic Poetry of Nature.” Held in the upper gallery of the Newport Visual Arts Center, this showcase celebrates the intersection of astrophotography and landscape art. Mark your calendars: the exhibition runs from August 2nd to September 29th.

A large nebula.
DSW Galleries Exhibition

What to Expect

  • Celestial Marvels: Alongside familiar prints of nebulae, sunsets, and moonlit landscapes, I’ll unveil unique and experimental pieces. Prepare to witness the cosmos through a new lens.

  • Fun Facts: See which image is the farthest from earth, learn about the challenges of astrophotography, and go behind the scenes to learn how various images were produced.

  • Opening Reception: Join us for an enchanting evening. Music, light refreshments, and my opening thoughts await you! The reception starts at 5pm so I'll wait one hour before I crash the party at 6pm.

A Grateful Journey

This exhibition owes its existence to the warm embrace of our Newport community. Neighbors, fellow artists, and locals welcomed us with open arms when we arrived last September. In response to requests for prints and training, I founded DSW Galleries—a bridge between art and wonder. Thank you, Newport!

Discover More

Thank you for your generous support. Your presence at the exhibition would mean so much to me. Let’s celebrate the beauty God has infused into nature together!

See you there! 🌟📸

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