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Jazz Jam on it!

In just one week the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA) will host a "Jazz Jam" here in Newport at the Performing Arts Center. This concert event includes a silent/online auction and 100% of proceeds will go to support the 20th Anniversary edition of the Oregon Coast Jazz Party. There are contributions from many different local artists.

A scene on a beach with a comet and an ISS space station flyover.
The Galactic Menagerie of Comets, Galaxies, and Things

On Saturday, March 16th, I experienced an amazing moment as the comet 12P/Pons-Brooks threaded the needle between M33: the Triangulum galaxy and M31: the Andromeda galaxy. As the trio descended slowly towards the Pacific Ocean, the International Space Station (ISS) flew overhead. M45: the Pleiades dangles like a diamond necklace above the brilliant disc of the planet Jupiter. This 20mm shot captured the scene at exactly 9:03pm. At the bottom, you can see the sand of Agate Beach in Newport, Oregon, USA as it stretches to the water. In the distance, a boat shines with a red glow and the lighthouse casts the beam of its beacon through a lower-lying layer of fog.

A comet between two galaxies
Close up of M33, M31, and 12p/Pons-Brooks

This piece is a special, exclusive version I enhanced with detailed images of Jupiter, the comet, and the lighthouse, all taken from Newport. The high-definition print is sublimated/infused into a 1mm thick Chroma Luxe aluminum plate to make it lightweight and resistant to sunlight and water exposure. I included a separate, matte-framed photo print that is annotated to identify the comet, stars, planets, and constellations and a certificate of authenticity.

The bidding for this $450 piece starts at just $200. Preview the piece and place your bid here!

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