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Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Highway 101 runs along the coast and as you approach from the north, a lighthouse is visible from far off. Just before entering the center of Newport, a right turn at a traffic light will take you down a winding road to a toll booth. There, you can pay the fee to continue. Beyond the tool booth, after a beautiful drive along a bluff above the Pacific Ocean, and past the sprawling interpretive center, you finally see the lighthouse up close.

A lighthouse overlooking a bay
Yaquina Head Lighthouse

I mean really close.

A lighthouse next to a building
Lighthouse mosaic

What makes this area outstanding, however, lies below. Look down and you see the bay filled with the characteristic rock formations that rise along the Oregon coast like angry anti-wave protestors. At low tide, the tide pools swell with colorful organisms from starfish to sea anemones. As the tide comes in, however, you are able to witness a colossal battle between earth and sea.

A wave crashes against rocks
The First Wave Attack

I spent several hours on a rare sunny day in the heart of the Oregon winter at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Much of the time was spent simply relaxing and enjoying the sound of the ocean breathing. The rest I spent behind the 135mm Samyang lens I pair with a Sony A7R IV camera. I took around 500 shots that day and picked out less than a dozen to share in the Yaquina Head Gallery. I look forward to returning and perhaps doing some nighttime photography in the area.

Until next time,

DSW Galleries LLC

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